Foreplay For You Outsourcing Virgins!

Foreplay is considered a way to get things warmed up.  Ready for the big event.  All that kinda thing…;-)

Fortunately, there’s a way to do sorta the same thing if you’re an outsourcing virgin.  It’s a website called   Ed Dale at calls it “baby steps” for outsourcing.

It’s a site where you can hire someone to do something for you for the measly sum of, you guessed it, 5 bucks!

And you won’t believe what is available there that someone will do for only 5 bucks…

I’ve played with it for two things so far.  One was to get an article written for submission to  The other was just a fun thing I did for my daughter’s 17th birthday.

The article writing thing didn’t turn out so hot, because the person never responded to my request.  I got my 5 bucks credited back to my account.  The other thing was a recording artist who put together a rodeo theme happy birthday song and called my cowgirl daughter and sang it to her.  She got a big kick out of that!

The point is, you can find so many things that are related to internet marketing tasks on that someone will do for you for only 5 bucks.

One I know of that many people have taken advantage of is having an ebook cover created.  If you’ve ever tried to do this yourself, using something like adobe photoshop, and you don’t necessarily use photoshop on a regular basis, it can take hours.   It was frustrating for me.

I know cuz that’s what I did the first time, although I kinda cheated and borrowed an ebook image, imported it into photoshop, and just changed it.  Even that took me over an hour and was not something that I’d look forward to doing again!

So, if you haven’t busted your outsourcing cherry yet, or even if you have, I’d recommend you go check out and get signed up.  It’s free to sign up, they don’t pay people until the job is done to your satisfaction, and hey…it’s only 5 bucks.

You can pass on one double mocha frappuchino delight can’t you?

Pretty cheap and cool way to get your oursourcing foreplay on, eh?


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