Project GIMNOA (great internet marketing newbie outsourcing adventure) continues…slowly!  I’m currently awaiting the outsourced re-writing of the main 5 blog post articles on my first niche web site.  Found a lady from the Philipines on Odesk that will rewrite each article for $4 or less, depending on how much business you can send her!

Part of what I pay for in the NPC 3.0 training program is access to two different “nichepaks” every month.  These are “high-quality downloadable packages that contain all of the elements a website needs to begin making money.”  All I have to do is customize a few things, and re-write the blog post articles provided to avoid the dreaded Google duplicate content “penalty”.

I could re-write the articles myself, but I thought “hey, this is a good chance to start outsourcing right now!”  Will keep you posted on how that experience goes!

Once I get the re-written articles back, hopefully later today, it’ll be a snap to plug them into my new niche site and get it ready to start the 21 day Traffic Blueprint that Adam teaches in the program.

So far, I haven’t found anything in NPC 3.0 classroom that I couldn’t teach somebody else to do and have outsourced!  Really, the only thing I will have to do is decide what niches to get into…:-)

So stay tuned, and I promise to try and keep you updated a little more often on this most interesting Project GIMNOA.

Mtn Jim

p.s.  your comments are always appreciated–please leave one! (questions are ok, too.)

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