Guest Post From Roger’s Outsourcing Journey

Hello to All the readers of  My name is Roger and first of all I’d like to thank Jim for accepting my article as guest post and introducing me to his readers.  Well, I work for Fortepromo, a promotional products company based in Minnesota.  During the tough economic times last year, like many other small businesses we decided to outsource some of our tasks.  Now, it’s been a year since we’ve started our outsourcing journey and would like share the following important tips with you.

All tasks are not outsource-able – Outsourcing can get your tasks done at low prices, but it doesn’t mean that you can outsource each and every task that comes to your mind.  You need to identify which tasks of your business can be easily done by your virtual team and which tasks need your personal attention.  The basic rule is to keep the important or core business tasks like product development, sales with you and outsource your administrative or online marketing activities which don’t require a direct interaction with customers.

Testing is Important – Time and again, we see providers who agree to complete the tasks within specified deadlines but then disappear.  And, if you are working on some important projects and outsource to chase tight deadlines, such providers can cost you your job too.  Never assign any important task to a new provider. Always do some demo projects with a new provider and if you are satisfied with their performance and turnaround time, upgrade them to real assignments.

You get what you pay for – This principle is true in Outsourcing world too.  Don’t prefer the cheapest providers just because they are cheap but don’t have any skills.  If you are not getting any results then you are just wasting your money irrespective of how cheap is the provider you’ve hired.

Communication is the key – Consistent communication with the hired providers is the key to success in outsourcing world.  Make sure that you communicate with your virtual providers in the same way you communicate with your office staff and keep an eye on the progress of your project.  Free tools like Skype and Yahoo IM provides you with an effective and easy way to interact with your virtual team.

So these are the four important things which according to me you should follow while outsourcing your operations.  Outsourcing is an art…the more you practice it, the better you’ll become.  Happy Outsourcing!

Roger Rae has managed the online marketing for Fortepromo, a Minnesota-based promotional products company, for over three years.

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