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I’m Now Outsourcing Most of My Social Media Marketing. Are You?

Do you know what kind of symbol that is?
What if it contained information you REALLY needed to know?  (like “How is Mtn Jim outsourcing his social media marketing?”)
Hint:  Do you know what percentage of Americans now have smartphones?


Meet Around the Campfire and Grow Rich!

Cover via Amazon

If ever there was a dynamic duo of strategies to accelerate your online marketing business success, these two are it!
I have a sister blog that is growing right along side this one.  It’s called Campfire Mastermind.
You are hereby invited to drop by the next virtual Campfire Mastermind where we will be […]


Project GIMNOA Commences!

Do you enjoy being a fly on the wall?  Any closet lurkers out there?  If so, you’re gonna absolutely love this!
GIMNOA:   Great.  Internet.  Marketing.  Newbie.  Outsourcing.  Adventure.
Motivating.  Inspiring.  Realistic.  Real World.  No B.S.
You get to watch and listen as a newbie to both internet marketing and outsourcing attempts to combine the magic of both […]


Outsourcing Your Sex Life…Pro’s and Con’s

Ha!  Figured that title would get your attention.  There probably are some things you just shouldn’t outsource…that may be one of them :-).  Amsterdam here we come?
Are you still an outsourcing virgin?  Shame on you.
I’m gonna make this real easy for you.  And cheap. 
Let’s pay someone less than $6 to write an article for us.  […]


Really Lazy? How About Outsourcing Your Outsourcing!

You know what?  Outsourcing your internet marketing tasks and projects can be a lot of work!  Not as much work as doing everything yourself, but still a pain in the rear…:-(
Once you get the hang of managing all your outsourcing tasks and projects, and the various people you have doing the work, you’ll start to […]