Meet Around the Campfire and Grow Rich!

If ever there was a dynamic duo of strategies to accelerate your online marketing business success, these two are it!


I have a sister blog that is growing right along side this one.  It’s called Campfire Mastermind.

You are hereby invited to drop by the next virtual Campfire Mastermind where we will be discussing, surprisingly enough…masterminding!  The theme will be “Meet and Grow Rich”, with the book by the same name and authors Bill Hibbler and Joe Vitale as the springboard for the conversation. 

Bill will be stopping by the campfire to join in and tell us some wild stories about his adventures with masterminding!

So click on over to the the Campfire Mastermind blog and check it out.  Be sure to join in the BlogTalkRadio show on Sunday night Aug. 29th, and have a virtual s’more with us!  Get a copy of Bill’s book and read thru it before then so you’ll have plenty of ammunition to fire away at Bill on the show! :-)

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