Outsourcing Styles: Piecemeal or Whole Hog?

For most internet marketing newbies, their outsourcing will start with the Piecemeal Style.  This basically means that they will outsource one project at at time.

There are many reasons for this.  One is money.  Most newbies think they don’t have the money it takes to outsource, so they get their virgin outsourcing experiences by dipping their toes in the water with just a small project, like maybe outsourcing their blog creation by a WordPress expert.

Another reason for the Piecemeal Style is fear.  Fear of getting burned with poor results, fear of not knowing how to outsource, fear of managing outsourced workers, etc.

Don’t get me wrong.  The Piecemeal Style works.  And it’s the way most get started, which is the important thing.  Getting started I mean.

But one of the biggest problems with starting with the Piecemeal Style is the danger of getting totally turned off to outsourcing by a bad first experience.  Apparently this is more likely to happen when using the project sites like Elance, Rentacoder, etc.

So I personally recommend you start outsourcing with the “Whole Hog” Style!  Which basically means hire yourself a full-time worker, train them, and have the idea in your mind that they are going to be working directly for you for a long time.

The current favorite way to do this are outsourced workers from the Philippines, at $250-400/month for full time!   Friendly, loyal, and very good english speaking.

Hey, you’re in this internet marketing thing for the long run, aren’t you?  Then why not use the long run Whole Hog Outsourcing Style!

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