Outsourcing Your Internet Article Marketing

One of the major hurdles the internet marketing newbie faces is getting people (traffic) to their web site, blog, squeeze page, sales page, etc.  A popular method for newbies is internet article marketing, mostly because it doesn’t “cost anything” like a method such as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) does.

I think by now most of you understand the mechanics and importance of the traffic getting method of internet article marketing.  There are really two important facets:

1. writing the article

2. submitting the article

Both can be quite time consuming.  Both can be outsourced.

It’s possible to get good articles written for you for about $5 to $15 each.  You can use submitting software to get your articles out to many different article directories all at once.

I’ve just started my internet article marketing campaign for this blog.  I’ll be writing the first few articles, and then will be looking to outsource most of them.  I’ve invested in some submission software to automate that part.

And I will have follow-up posts here to let you know how the outsourcing and automation goes.  Meanwhile, if you have any good stories to share about your article marketing, please leave a comment!

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