Outsourcing Your Link Building: A Report In Progress!

What are the three main areas to focus on to get your blog noticed?

1. content

2. link building

3. traffic.

I’ve been working on a report that will be very helpful in showing you how to outsource one very important part of that triad: link building.

Link Building

In doing the research for this report, I’ve opened up a huge can of worms!   There is so much info available on link building on the net, and so many services offering to do it for you, that it’s been very time consuming and overwhelming sifting thru the garbage to find the gems!

I think really that it’s an ongoing process, because new avenues keep coming out with the technology updating.  You just have to pick one or two services and go with them until you find something that is definitely better before you add one or change to a different one.

My purpose with the report is to get you started on the right track with the outsourcing of your link building.   Link building itself can be (and usually is) a very boring activity,and doesn’t require much brain power to do.

Tedious, rote, non-rocket-science is the kind of stuff you should be paying someone else 3-4 dollars an hour to be doing for you.   Most link building definitely falls into that category.

Most of the services offered to help you do it can be taught to your outsourced help in a short period of time.   Probably the hardest part is finding someone who will work well with you…

So, you know that link building is an important part of your web triad for getting known and making money on the internet.   The report is still a work in progress, but when it finally gets into your hands I think you’re gonna be very happy and smart about outsourcing your link building!

Stay tuned…:-)

Please leave a comment with your thoughts, especially if you’re already outsourcing some of your link building and have suggestions that might be helpful for my readers!


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