Numero Uno Most Valuable Skill in Internet Marketing

I”m not even gonna tell you what it is, ‘cuz if you’re reading this blog post you probably already have a pretty good idea!

As a newbie internet marketing businessperson, the light bulb is probably on (and getting brighter) that there’s no way in hell you’re gonna be able to do all this stuff yourself.  I mean cmon, look at all the skills you need:   web design, copywriting, SEO, tracking, content writing, graphic design, software, product creation, bookkeeping, marketing, sales…blah blah blah.

And you’re not still trying to hold down a full time J.O.B. are you? :-)

Sure, some of that may be interesting to you, or maybe even fun (at first).  But let’s face it…most of it is just plain hard work.  So, unless you’re a masochist, you really have no choice…outsource or die a slow death trying to get your new internet marketing business off the ground!

There are some good people out there who may help prevent that death.  One of them is Jeff Mills.  I’m going to be interviewing him soon, but in the meantime I suggest you pick up his free cd or mp3 download called “Outsourcing Secrets Revealed”.

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Momentum.  Get some going!

Outsourcing? I Can’t Afford It…Newbie Excuse #1

Here’s a concept for you: write little checks, cash huge ones. Simple, huh?

Will it cost you some money to outsource some parts of your internet marketing business? Yup. Will the returns be worth it? All evidence points to one answer: Hell yes!

Are you just gonna take someone else’s word for it, or test it out yourself? Me, I’m gonna test it out.

One of the questions I’m gonna ask the successful internet marketers I interview is: if you had to start over, what would you do differently as regards to outsourcing? I hope you’re looking forward to the answers as much as I am.

One of the answers I recently found online from a guy who makes a living blogging. (that’s one of the internet marketing business models. do you know what your primary model will be? subject of another post…:-) Here’s a link to his “answer”:

If I Had To Do It All Over Again

When will you get started?

Hoot Your Outsourcing with Social Media!

‘Tis better to Hoot than Tweet? Here you will learn a little known but free,fun, and easy way to outsourcing using a Social Media tool that the wise owl internet marketing newbie can do immediately!

Be sure to use full screen mode for the video, and I apologize that it’s still a little blurry…(inadvertent privacy for me?)

Maybe I need to outsource this video editing to someone smarter than me?..;-)

Top 4 Excuses Why The Internet Marketing Newbie Ain’t Outsourcing

Here they are:  The Top 4 Reasons/Excuses the internet marketing newbie uses for not outsourcing.  I plan on invalidating every one of them for you, so stay tuned!

Welcome to Outsourcing Control!

This site will grow into the ESSENTIAL guide to outsourcing for the internet marketing newbie.   While the terms “outsourcing control” may seem like an oxymoron at first, nothing could be further from the truth!  I intend to prove that to you beyond any shadow of doubt.  How you ask?  By getting the skinny straight from the horse’s mouth–successful internet marketing entrepreneurs!  This blog will soon be loaded with interviews of very successful and usually well known internet marketing business people.  The interviews will be available in many formats like pdf, mp3, podcasts, video, and webinars.  So you will be able to learn from them in whatever mode fits your busy lifestyle!

So I’m asking for your feedback!  Please tell me which of your favorite internet marketers you’d like to hear from about their personal experiences with outsourcing.  And let me know what your favorite mode of learning is–whether reading a PDF, listening to a podcast or mp3, or watching a video, etc.

Thanks for joining me, and here’s to your accelerated success!

Mtn Jim

p.s. use the comments, and receive a little “LUV” for your efforts! :-)