Looking for Inexpensive & Quality Outsourcing? Hire a WAHM

As an online business owner looking for help with their business, it’s often very hard to find quality work without a high price tag.   The thing is – it doesn’t have to be. There is an entire group of service providers who make a living providing top notch work for budget friendly prices.  In case you’ve never heard of WAHMs, you’re about to learn just how they can help catapult your business without breaking your bank.

Work at home moms (WAHM) make up a huge portion of service providers online.  Because they work from home themselves, WAHMs know what it’s like to build a business on a tight budget.  This is the perfect scenario and a win-win for both parties.  The moms need the work and you need someone committed to your business who is reliable and understands your situation.
What types of things can these work at home moms do?  The talents of these ladies are endless actually, but here is a nice size list to give you an idea of the types of things you can hire a WAHM for:
Virtual Assistants – VAs provide a variety of services and many specialize in certain areas. You can find a virtual assistant who handles customer service, writes, and creates audio and video material and tons more. Many get paid hourly for their services, but are well worth more than their hourly rate.
Technical Gurus – From HTML to software creation there are tons of moms who love the techie side of things.
Blog Installations & Maintenance – This is a growing service with the emergence of WordPress especially.  You can find WAHMs who specialize in not only installing your blog but even managing your content too.
Ghostwriters – From articles to eBooks and everything in between there are tons of moms who have turned their love of writing into a business.
Transcriptionists – Many moms build an entire business around transcribing audio for website owners.  If you’re looking for someone to transcribe a report, podcast or interview, look for a WAHM transcriptionist.
Editors and Proofreaders – Tired of looking over every single word your ghostwriter sends you?  Hire a mom to do it for you!
Affiliate Managers – The services of some affiliate managers can cost a fortune.  From recruiting and training affiliates to paying them and creating tools and resources for your affiliates, there’s probably a WAHM who can do it for less than the big dogs and do it well too!
Copywriters – It’s no secret that many online business owners don’t write their own copy, but if you think paying a professional copywriter is cheap think again.  Some charge in the thousands just for one sales page.  Save some money and hire a WAHM copywriter instead.
Press & Media Specialists – If you’re looking to get your business noticed you’ll need some PR.  There are mom business owners who focus their efforts on just that.  From press releases to social media outlets, these ladies can get you noticed by the right people.
As with anyone you consider outsourcing to, do your research before hiring a WAHM.  There are unfortunately a few bad apples out there so ask around in your circle of friends and business partners for their recommendations.  I’ll be willing to bet that many of those you associate with have worked with or currently work with at least one work at home mom service provider.

To gain access to a bunch of professional WAHM’s all in one place go here! http://www.hiremymom.com/

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Three Common Tasks You Can Outsource

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You can save a lot of time in your business by outsourcing some of the different parts of your online business.  While you will always want to keep your finger on the pulse of every aspect of your business, certain tasks can easily be outsourced to talented freelancers, leaving you with more time and energy to focus on other things.

If you earn income on your website with Adsense ads, you know it can be a time consuming procedure tracking the ads and tweaking your site content to increase sales. You can outsource your entire Adsense campaign to a competent virtual assistant who can not only track your Adsense program, but can also write fresh content for your site to keep the search engine spiders happy and site visitors returning.

You can also outsource your sales processes by using affiliates to market your information products for you.  When you create an affiliate program for your products, you agree to pay a percentage of the sales to others who publish sales pages and promote your products.  By agreeing to pay your affiliates a healthy percentage of the profits, 50% for example, you can let them do the sales work for you while you collect a passive income.  You can then spend your own time creating new products to put on the market.

A third task that lends itself well to outsourcing is the eBay auction portion of your sales funnel.  If you use eBay to sell physical products, you know there is a great deal of time involved in processing orders and preparing them for shipping.  This type of work, however, can be easily systemized, which makes it ideal for outsourcing.  You can create a step-by-step process for fulfilling orders and maintaining customer service.  All of your customers needs get met in the same way, assuring quality control, and you gain several hours back in your weekly schedule.

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How Do You Find a Good Assistant for Outsourcing?

If your business has reached the point where you have more work than you can handle, it could be time to start considering outsourcing.  Outsourcing is the term used when you assign certain projects or tasks to freelance workers who are not regular employees of yours.
You can outsource a one-time situation, on occasion or on a regular basis with a contract.  Many small-business owners, especially solo-preneurs have found outsourcing to be a valuable way to extend their ability to cover all the tasks that need to be taken care of in their business.
So where do you look for outsourcing?  There are many different sources of freelancers available on the Internet.  Each one will have a wide variety of freelancers and services.  Most include various categories of work such as content creation, IT work, graphics work, video or audio content creation, accounting, sales etc.  Here’s one I’ve used recently with good success:  ODesk
Here, some things in keep in mind as you look for the perfect person to help you accomplish all the aspects of your business.
• Ask for recommendations or testimonials from previous clients.  Like most situations, testimonials are likely to only speak to the positive.  If a freelancer has several testimonials readily available, however, it does speak to their consistency of work.
• Do they have a website?  Look at the site and noticed the detail involved.  Are things spelled correctly, laid out neatly, easy to navigate?  If an individual doesn’t put the time into their own website to make it look professional, they may not be the best choice for your business either.
• Look for feedback.  Many on-site freelance work sites allow an employer to provide feedback to a contract worker after the job is completed.  Generally speaking, this feedback is not accessible by the freelancer for editing, so this should be a reliable source of information.
• Ask for referrals from people you know.  Check with your colleagues and find out if they do any outsourcing and what services they use.  If they have had good luck with a particular source or service, they should be happy to share the information.
The list is actually quite endless.  Of course finding the competent, quality freelancer you’re looking for is a little more complicated than simply clicking on a website.  Take the time to do your homework, ask around for recommendations and take it slow when you first start out and you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect person for your needs.
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How to Evaluate Bids When Outsourcing a Work Project

If you use an online freelancing site to outsource work projects, you know it can be frustrating to determine how to choose the right person for the project award.  There are several criteria to take in account to make sure you pick the person with the best skill set for the task.
The first thing to consider is the amount of experience the professional has in the area of your project.  Have they completed similar projects for other companies?  If so, did they receive quality feedback reflecting a high level of skill and commitment to the job?  Did they ask questions when they were unclear on the details or did they decide to “wing it,” resulting in the need for re-writes and extra editing time?
Feedback from previous employers may also offer insight into whether or not the freelancer had a positive attitude regarding the project.   Even if you are outsourcing a one-time project, dealing with someone with a negative attitude can be a significant drain on your time and energy.  Try to pass on that potential problem if you can.
Obviously, one area where you can differentiate between bidders is in price.  Don’t fall into the trap of automatically assuming the lowest bidder is your best choice.  When you are outsourcing to a writer, for example, you will often find many writers who will offer to prepare 500 words of content for just $1 or $2.  You may find you are sorely disappointed, though, when you see the final product.  These extremely low-priced writers often have very little grasp of the ins and outs of the English language.  You may wind up needing to have the content completely re-written by another writer.  Every business owner wants to get the most for their money, but cutting corners may cost you more in the long run.

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Are You Ready to Outsource?

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Business is booming and you have more work than you can handle.  You really aren’t ready to bring on an in-house employee, but what can you do to keep up with everything?  It is time to consider outsourcing some of that work to a freelancer.
Outsourcing is becoming an increasingly popular way for small businesses and solo-preneurs to increase productivity while keeping costs under control.
The best place to begin outsourcing is with a task that you don’t do well or one you don’t particularly enjoy doing.  When you are struggling with a project due to lack of skills or lack of interest, it is bound to slow you down and take more time than it needs to from your hectic schedule.  By outsourcing that task, you eliminate the time drain and the frustration.  You are freed up to work on tasks that are in your expertise, which adds to your bottom line.
Not up on the latest technical skills involved in building a profitable web site?  Hire a top-notch web designer and turn the project over to him.  A quality partner will spend time understanding what you need as well as what you want in your site design.  By carefully looking at your target market, your products and services, your desired outcomes and your budget, you will work together to develop a plan.  Once all the necessary information is gathered, your new virtual partner will complete your project while you devote your time to other things.
Outsourcing can be used for a wide variety of office tasks.  From accounting and payroll to content production to graphics and websites, outsourcing can help you add an extra pair of hands to your small business – which translates to extra hours in your work week.  Try outsourcing some of your business processes today and find the extra time, expertise and money you need to drive up your profits.
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