Project GIMNOA (great internet marketing newbie outsourcing adventure) continues…slowly!  I’m currently awaiting the outsourced re-writing of the main 5 blog post articles on my first niche web site.  Found a lady from the Philipines on Odesk that will rewrite each article for $4 or less, depending on how much business you can send her!

Part of what I pay for in the NPC 3.0 training program is access to two different “nichepaks” every month.  These are “high-quality downloadable packages that contain all of the elements a website needs to begin making money.”  All I have to do is customize a few things, and re-write the blog post articles provided to avoid the dreaded Google duplicate content “penalty”.

I could re-write the articles myself, but I thought “hey, this is a good chance to start outsourcing right now!”  Will keep you posted on how that experience goes!

Once I get the re-written articles back, hopefully later today, it’ll be a snap to plug them into my new niche site and get it ready to start the 21 day Traffic Blueprint that Adam teaches in the program.

So far, I haven’t found anything in NPC 3.0 classroom that I couldn’t teach somebody else to do and have outsourced!  Really, the only thing I will have to do is decide what niches to get into…:-)

So stay tuned, and I promise to try and keep you updated a little more often on this most interesting Project GIMNOA.

Mtn Jim

p.s.  your comments are always appreciated–please leave one! (questions are ok, too.)

Meet Around the Campfire and Grow Rich!

If ever there was a dynamic duo of strategies to accelerate your online marketing business success, these two are it!


I have a sister blog that is growing right along side this one.  It’s called Campfire Mastermind.

You are hereby invited to drop by the next virtual Campfire Mastermind where we will be discussing, surprisingly enough…masterminding!  The theme will be “Meet and Grow Rich”, with the book by the same name and authors Bill Hibbler and Joe Vitale as the springboard for the conversation. 

Bill will be stopping by the campfire to join in and tell us some wild stories about his adventures with masterminding!

So click on over to the the Campfire Mastermind blog and check it out.  Be sure to join in the BlogTalkRadio show on Sunday night Aug. 29th, and have a virtual s’more with us!  Get a copy of Bill’s book and read thru it before then so you’ll have plenty of ammunition to fire away at Bill on the show! :-)

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Vacation’s Over…Project GIMNOA Resumes!

Nothing like playing in the pure waters of northern Michigan to rejuvenate and refresh the spirit! Let’s get this GIMNOA thing going again so we’ll have much more time to do that next summer…

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m using Adam Short’s Niche Profit Classroom program to start cranking out these niche websites that are gonna produce an income of $10,000 a month. And yup, I’m an affiliate for his program, you can see the banner ad just over there to the right under the opt-in box. I’m currently going through all the training myself, with an eye on what I think will be eventually outsourced. So far, there’s quite a lot that I can pay someone to do…

I’ll crank out a couple niche sites myself to get the hang of it, then start hiring and training my outsource team. The plan is to be at least 90% outsourced within 3-6 months. That may be a bit ambitious, but what the heck, it’s something to shoot for!

Adam has what looks like a pretty good outsourcing module available. He calls it the “Pro” option. Of course, there’s a few other goodies you get when you spend the extra 30 bucks a month to go Pro.

And I’ll be looking into John Jonas’ Philippine outsourcing service to see if it’s a good fit for what I want to do with the Niche Profit Classroom stuff. There’s a banner at the very lower left called “Replace Myself“, and yup, I’m an affiliate for him also!

The adventure continues…Project GIMNOA rocks!

Project GIMNOA Continues

The suggestion in the acceleration program is to go through all the classroom videos once without trying to implement any of the actions yet. Another 5 hours time has been spent doing that, mostly during slow times at the J.O.B., but with one thought always in the back of the mind…can this be outsourced?

You should do the same no matter what you are learning or doing in internet marketing! Always be thinking can this be outsourced, should it be outsourced, and how can it be outsourced… I call that “priming the mindset”.

Just a thought: Whenever you see the word “free” in an offer, think immediately in terms of time investment! (my time is not free). :-)

Can you buy time? Yup. Should you? Well, is it cheaper than yours?

Oops, almost off on a tangent there.

So between the regular J.O.B. and summer vacation coming up, it appears there may be minimal progress on Project GIMNOA for the next 10 days. Two steps forward, one step back. Plateau’s. Frantic bursts of activity. All part of the game.

So there may not be a new post on this blog for a bit. Unless someone out there wants to be my guest blogger…;-)

How Outsourcing Saved My Sanity

This is a guest post “boo” from my 30 day challenge buddy Rebecca Johnson–how she used a cool form of outsourcing that saved her butt…the sanity part is still questionable…;-)


Ezra and Rebecca

Head on over to Rebecca’s blog to get access to her upcoming FREE webinar on eliminating overwhelm in your business with EFT!

Diane’s blog