When And What To Start Outsourcing

Now.  Immediately.  Would you spend $50 to buy back 10-20 hours of your time each month?  Nuff said on when to start outsourcing!

One of the first things you should start outsourcing is content, especially if you’re into information marketing.  Pay somebody to write those articles and blog posts.

Worried that the quality won’t be as good as you could do?  Don’t.  At first, it probably won’t be.  But once your outsourced worker gets used to the way you want things done, they’ll eventually probably do it better than you if you stick with them!

The Philippines seems to be the place to go for cheap, good quality content these days.  And they speak very good English!

Just be sure you do two things when hiring someone…

1.  Be very clear about what you want.  “Write me 100 articles.” won’t cut it.  “Write me 100 articles that are 350-500 words each, with these keywords, in TXT document, with this formatting…” is much better.

2.  Make sure you use some way to check on and give feedback to your outsourced peeps on their work.  It’s too easy to get lazy and blow it off, and you may end up with paid for content that’s not up to standards!

More on how to do #2 above in another post…

Outsourcing Your Internet Article Marketing

One of the major hurdles the internet marketing newbie faces is getting people (traffic) to their web site, blog, squeeze page, sales page, etc.  A popular method for newbies is internet article marketing, mostly because it doesn’t “cost anything” like a method such as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) does.

I think by now most of you understand the mechanics and importance of the traffic getting method of internet article marketing.  There are really two important facets:

1. writing the article

2. submitting the article

Both can be quite time consuming.  Both can be outsourced.

It’s possible to get good articles written for you for about $5 to $15 each.  You can use submitting software to get your articles out to many different article directories all at once.

I’ve just started my internet article marketing campaign for this blog.  I’ll be writing the first few articles, and then will be looking to outsource most of them.  I’ve invested in some submission software to automate that part.

And I will have follow-up posts here to let you know how the outsourcing and automation goes.  Meanwhile, if you have any good stories to share about your article marketing, please leave a comment!

Really Lazy? How About Outsourcing Your Outsourcing!

You know what?  Outsourcing your internet marketing tasks and projects can be a lot of work!  Not as much work as doing everything yourself, but still a pain in the rear…:-(

Once you get the hang of managing all your outsourcing tasks and projects, and the various people you have doing the work, you’ll start to come to a realization…

“Hey!  Even managing this outsourcing stuff is taking up a lot of my time, and it’s not really that fun…”  Time for another light bulb to come on!  What if I could outsource the management of all of my outsourcing?

Ok, so maybe this isn’t an internet marketing “newbie” suggestion.  Or COULD it be?  Think about it…what if the first thing you outsourced as a newbie was to hire a full time outsourcing project manager (OPM)?  Say, some smart cookie in the Philippines you could hire for oh, maybe $400/month and TRAIN them to be your OPM!

That oughta get your wheels spinning LOL.  I like the baseball analogy.  Who makes all the money in professional baseball?  No, contrary to many’s belief–NOT the players!  And of course, not managers.  You know it’s really the OWNERS!

So just think of yourself as the owner, the manager is your OPM, and the players are all the outsourcing resources your OPM gets to manage for you!

Outsourcing the outsourcing.  I luv it.  Hey, that hammock over there is looking kinda lonely…;-)

Outsourcing Styles: Piecemeal or Whole Hog?

For most internet marketing newbies, their outsourcing will start with the Piecemeal Style.  This basically means that they will outsource one project at at time.

There are many reasons for this.  One is money.  Most newbies think they don’t have the money it takes to outsource, so they get their virgin outsourcing experiences by dipping their toes in the water with just a small project, like maybe outsourcing their blog creation by a WordPress expert.

Another reason for the Piecemeal Style is fear.  Fear of getting burned with poor results, fear of not knowing how to outsource, fear of managing outsourced workers, etc.

Don’t get me wrong.  The Piecemeal Style works.  And it’s the way most get started, which is the important thing.  Getting started I mean.

But one of the biggest problems with starting with the Piecemeal Style is the danger of getting totally turned off to outsourcing by a bad first experience.  Apparently this is more likely to happen when using the project sites like Elance, Rentacoder, etc.

So I personally recommend you start outsourcing with the “Whole Hog” Style!  Which basically means hire yourself a full-time worker, train them, and have the idea in your mind that they are going to be working directly for you for a long time.

The current favorite way to do this are outsourced workers from the Philippines, at $250-400/month for full time!   Friendly, loyal, and very good english speaking.

Hey, you’re in this internet marketing thing for the long run, aren’t you?  Then why not use the long run Whole Hog Outsourcing Style!

Outsourcing Project Idea For Internet Marketing Newbies

“One of the lessons of history is that nothing is often a good thing to do and always a clever thing to say.”  Will Durant

Been thinking a lot about this “passive income” thing lately.   Are you as an internet marketing newbie still working a full time J.O.B.?  Is the idea to replace that “active” income with something equal to or much better than, with “passive” income?  I think many of you are in that boat.

There are two very important questions you MUST ask yourself (and answer, in writing!) before we proceed with this line of thought…

1. How much passive spendable income per month would it take for you to be able to live your ideal lifestyle?

2. How much free time do you need per day/week/month, etc. to actually enjoy that ideal lifestyle?

I don’t think too many people ask themselves that second question…

Anyway, here’s the outsourcing project idea I’m contemplating.  Would you be interested in following along as I attempt to create a $10,000/month passive income flow by combining outsourcing with some form of internet marketing like “mini-sites” and or “niche sites”?

The idea would be to create a feasible business plan, ie time lines, resources needed like time, money, etc…then implement it.   I’d probably start by interviewing the owners of both an outsourcing program, and either the mini-site or niche program.

And I would let you follow along as I play with this project in the form of multi-media stuff like pdf, mp3’s, podcasts, video, etc.

If enough people show interest, ie. YOU!..then I’m ready to get started.  Just let me know in the comments.

Thanks.  Looking forward to having some fun with this, ‘cuz I think that if you see this actually work for me, you might know someone who could make it work for them…;-)