Outsourcing SEO For “Lazy” Internet Marketing Newbies!

Hey there internet marketing newbies!   Let’s get lazy…not crazy!  Ya’all know by now you need to learn how to drive.  Traffic that is.  To your web site, blog, or affiliate link.  Somehow.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the buzzword.  There are hard ways to do it, and easy ways.  Let’s talk about an easy way, ok?

Keyword research.   Ugh.  Probably the thing you most look forward to, right?  Have you noticed the plethora of sources offering to show you the right way to “do it”?  Gag me LOL.

Ever tried to drive a nail into a piece of wood with your hand?  Me neither.   The right tool works much better.  They’re called a “hammer”… (of course, it helps to use the right kind of nails, too LOL)

So how do you drive the right keywords (nails) into your SEO campaign (piece of wood)?   You use the right hammer.  Or better yet, the right power hammer, so you’ll be able to drive lots of keywords into lots of SEO campaigns faster, better, and with less work.

Are you a super duper lazy internet marketing newbie?  Then hire somebody to learn how to use that power hammer for you and turn them loose!  That’s called Outsourcing…the amazing new concept for the laziest, and therefore smartest new online marketers out there ;-).

If you’ve been paying attention, you’re probably wondering just about now what is the power tool I’m talking about?  You might think I’m lazy for not telling you yet…GOOD!  I like being called lazy.  It means I’m probably doing it right!

Ever heard of the 3 Golden Eggs of Nail Driving? (actually, I think they call it the 3 golden rules of keyword research :-))   Well, I found this Super Duper Power Keyword/Nail Driving Tool a while back, and have been using it exclusively ever since.

I’m not sayin’ it’s the best out there right now (but it probably is!).  I’m just sayin’ when I found this one I quit looking for others…;-)!   Anyway, at least do the free trial.   I think you’ll see how it will help you be more Lazy…

Thanks for listening.  Think Lazy!

p.s.  It doesn’t just drive nails. It’s actually a powerful multi-tasking time saving wonder tool…do I hear a hammock calling?

The LazyWay Mindset: Outsourcing by Necessity!

“The laziest man I ever met put popcorn in his pancakes so they would turn over by themselves.” W.C. Fields

I think I’ve finally figured out why more internet marketing newbies don’t start outsourcing sooner.   Guilt complexes.   It’s that friggin’ work ethic thing.

Most internet marketing newbies are way too entrenched in working hard for a living.   They don’t usually come from an entrepreneurial background or mindset.    They are so used to “if I work this many hours, I’ll get paid this many dollars”.   You know, the trading hours for dollars thing.

“I’ve never been afraid of hard work” they proudly boast.   Idleness is the mark of the devil.   People won’t respect you unless you  appear to be a hard worker.   The appearance of lazyness is socially unacceptable in the 40 hour work week mentality crowd.

Where does all that kind of thinking come from?   The Puritans may be partly to blame.   Definitely some religious undertones there, too.   Parents and grandparents (especially grandparents) are partly to blame.   And of course, the environment you grew up in.   While we’re at blaming, let’s throw a little hereditary influence in there, too.   Let’s face it–some people were just born to be ditch diggers…LOL

Frankly, I don’t care where that attitude and mindset crap came from.   The important thing is changing it.   Become intimate with the concept of “leverage”.   Think “How lazy can I be and get away with it?”   Study some new role models like Tim Ferriss and Fred Gratzon.   (don’t know Fred?  maybe it’s time… LAZY WAY)

I love it how the universe just drops stuff into your lap right when you need it!   PLEASE click that link and watch the coolest little 5 minute video I just discovered while writing this post and doing a little research to show you something about Fred…your Lazyness mindset has just begun! :-)

Here’s that link again: LAZY WAY Let me know which quote is your favorite!

5 Ways to Avoid Newbie Outsourcing Mistakes

(This post is brought to you by Liz Cutten.  She helps run FindBizCards, a business credit card offers portal / blog helping small business owners get tips, tricks, and more.)

I was a newbie once and you were a newbie at one point in life as well.  Sure, some are going to catch on sooner than others, but others just take forever to learn, especially when it comes to outsourcing.  I wanted to share with you some of the mistakes that I had made and what you can do to create fantastic relationships with your outsourcing partners.

Mistake #1:  Accepted the cheapest bid

I was hoping on freelancing based sites to find my workers and had found that I was accepting the lowest bids all the time.  This was a huge no-no.  I was finding that 99% of them were cheap for a reason.  Sure, I can see how some people have to be cheap to build a client base, but many do this because they are worthless.

How to avoid this: Don’t go with the cheapest price.  Instead, you’re going to want to put quality over the price tag.

Mistake #2:  I didn’t check references

Always get a reference.  If the person is new to the game, you can give them a chance, but I have given up on that aspect.  Instead, you’re going to want to check a legit reference.  Know the person’s name, as well as what the project entailed.  Also, most legit outsourcing sites will allow you to check reviews.  You’re going to want to do this.

How to avoid this: Don’t go with new providers.  Most of the time, they aren’t worth it.

Mistake #3:  Never pay 100% up front

I did this once and it was so stupid.  The lady I was talking to talked a fair game and I trusted her instantly.  Trust takes time to build and can’t be built within 2 minutes.  I had sent her $200 for a project via Paypal.  She did 10% of the work and disappeared.  Thankfully Paypal was able to refund me.

How to avoid this: Use an escrow service or if you wish, pay 30% up front and pay the additional 70% upon completion.

Mistake #4:  Treat them with respect

They are human beings too and while they can’t do everything right the first time, you have to treat them like you want to be treated.  While I’ve always been easy to work with, I’ve talked with some other website owners and had found that they just treat these people like dirt.  Treat them like dirt and you could lose a good worker.

How to avoid this: Just treat them with respect.  If something goes wrong, let them know what’s going on.  They are human beings too.

Mistake #5:  Keep the good ones a secret

My last mistake was sharing my favorite content writer with a few friends.  Well, guess what?  I thought she was amazing and so did 50 other people!  Well, she disappeared fast from my eyes because others bombarded her with work, as well as paid her more.

How to avoid this:  Just keep the gems to yourself.  There’s no reason to share.  While it helps their client base, you may risk losing them.

Is Outsourcing The Cure For Do-It-Yourself Disease?

Most internet marketing newbies are terribly afflicted with the dreaded do-it-yourself disease. The disease is especially rampant among those with more time than money. The disease shows up in all segments of the internet marketing newbie population, and does not discriminate by race, color, creed, religion, or sexual orientation.

The symptoms are wide and varied. Long hours in front of computer screens. Neglect accusations from family and significant others. Deteriorating physical health due to less physical activity. Drastically reduced free time. Increased credit card bills from buying stuff that will someday make you a bunch of money, but for now has somehow got sucked into that Black Hole somewhere in your hard drive.

The diagnosis may come as a shock. At first, you are in denial. “But I was just trying to learn how to make more money…” Then slowly you start to accept that there may be a problem. There really isn’t much money coming in, if any at all. And you have no idea how many hours you’ve spent under the influence of this insidious disease.

So you start gathering information about the disease. You may seek specialized help. (You found this blog didn’t you?) You find out that you are not alone…many others have been afflicted also. Eventually you start looking for a cure, or at least ways to alleviate the symptoms.

All of a sudden there it is! The not so new wonder drug called Outsourcing… Your doctor Mtn. Jim has prescribed this drug for you, but not so fast…you are a savvy consumer. You begin to research all the potential benefits and side effects of using that drug.

And off you go to explore the rest of this blog…:-) Take two Outsourcing Action Pills and call me in one week.

Not So Fond Memories Before Outsourcing

I remember my first experience with article marketing as an internet marketing newbie.  You know, that “an article a day will keep the no traffic ghoulies away” kinda thing…:-)

I sat down one day and dove in.  First it was signing up with EzineArticles.  That went ok.   Then I went thru the tutorials on their site to make sure I thought I knew what I was doing in creating an article that they would actually approve.

Then I set about writing the content.   What keywords should I use?  How can I incorporate them into the content in a way that doesn’t render the article unintelligible and make me look like a doofus…  How do I make the content both informative AND interesting?  And dealing with the “problems” that their software alerts you to before submitting the article:  uh oh, you’ve used this keyword more than 2% of the time…and your signature box is greater than 15% of your body copy…and on and on.

This whole process took about, oh maybe 8 hours total.   Of course, when I was done and finally submitted the article I was pretty proud of myself.  And I do think it’s good to go though this process…ONCE!

Then eventually, I discovered how to outsource my article marketing.  Find somebody who does it well.  Hire them.  Send them an email with the subject and the keywords you want them to use.   Turn ‘em loose!  How long did that take?

Way less than 8 hours Jeeves!  I think I’ll go golfing now…:-)