Unusual Outsourcing Ideas

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of outsourcing your internet marketing business?   Paying someone to do something for you, right?  Immediately your mind darts down that rabbit hole of resistance…I can’t afford that and yada yada yada!

Well, today’s post is gonna tweak your mind in a little bit different direction.   Let’s explore the idea of getting people to do stuff for us…without having to pay them!   Sound good?   Let’s roll…

How did Tom Sawyer get other people to whitewash the fence for him?   Well, he had to somehow convince them that there was some sort of benefit in it for them to do so…right?

Can you think of any of your internet marketing tasks that someone would be glad to do for you for free?   Here’s a hint question:  Are you the only person who’s written posts on your own blog?  Here’s a resource I recently found where you can find people who’d love to help you out for free!  BloggerLinkUp

Another quick example I used recently:  How do I come up with really good questions to ask for my interviews of successful internet marketers?   How about using your Social Media presence and blog to ask your peeps what questions THEY would like answered!   Ok, so that’s a minor example, right?   But it does serve the dual purpose of getting your followers and readers involved…:-)

Enough of that.   I think you get the idea.   Money isn’t always the motivator to get people to do stuff.

Now, it’s your turn.   What other ways can you think of to get people to do some of your internet marketing tasks without having to pay them dinero?

And while we’re at it…what question would you like me to ask the next famous internet marketer I interview about their outsourcing adventures?

Money Is Time–Outsourcing Mindset Breakthru!

You’ve all heard the phrase “time is money”.  And most of us think we have a good handle on what that means–something like “if I put in the time, the money will come.”

Internet marketing newbies put in a lot of time trying to figure things out and make a go of it.  How much time do you currently log working in your IM business?

I’d like to turn things around a bit, as a way to help you forward with your fledgling outsourcing mindset…:-)

What would you think if you heard someone say “Money is Time”?  Let’s say you have a $100 bill in your hand.  You look at it and think “How much time is represented by this amount of money?”

Now I have a question for you.  What if I offered you 20 extra hours of time next week in exchange for you giving me that $100 bill–would you trade?  I’m thinkin’ you’d strongly consider it!  Which brings up another question…did you ever think that paying someone $100 to work 40 hours at doing some of your internet marketing tasks would free up at least 20 hours of your time to do with as you please?

Last Question:  Do you think with that extra 20 hours a week you could come up with one new internet marketing idea that would be worth $1,000?

Congrats!  You just made 900% return on your investment, and still probably had time left for a couple extra rounds of golf…:-)

Bringing your mind around to it…one stretch at a time!

Create an Outsourcing Snapshot of Your Internet Marketing Business

Here’s what you do.   Next time you anticipate a very busy two week period of “do-it-yourself” internet marketing…keep track of everything you do in that two weeks.

And I mean everything!   From the time you get up to the time you go to bed, record every action you take and how long each action takes to do.   Probably the easiest way to do this is use a portable voice recorder.   You may already have one on your smartphone…I know my Blackberry does.   If not, they’re pretty cheap at Radio Shack.

Don’t analyze anything during that two weeks.   Just do your thing and record what you did with time involved in each.   Then soon after that two week period, have the recording transcribed.  (outsource the transcription…even if it’s just hiring your kid to do it!)   Now you can start analyzing…

For each task that you did, ask yourself two questions:

1.   Is that task a good candidate for outsourcing?

2.   How could I best use the extra time created if I do outsource that task?

These questions do a couple of cool things…they start easing you into the mindset of working “on your business and not in it”,  and will help you start focusing on the more important things in life!

If you have any problems answering question #1, that’s where this blog and the resources available thru it come in handy.   As for question two, it will depend a lot on how creative you can get your juices flowing…:-)

At least you’ll have more time to think…which as the business owner is really your job!  Most of the “doing” can and should be outsourced.

So get to it.   I’d really like to hear how some of you answer question #2!

Outsourcing Prayer for Internet Marketing Newbies

Dear God (or insert deity of your choice here),

Thank you for helping me understand that I just can’t do all this internet marketing stuff by myself…nor do I want to.

Give me the strength to take that first outsourcing leap. And the next…

Help me learn the art of lying down in green pastures while others do the work for me.

Continue showing me the wisdom of writing little checks…and cashing much bigger ones.

Though I walk in the valley of the shadow of do-it-yourself, lead me not into that temptation…but deliver me from the evil of control issues.

Remind me daily that someone, somewhere needs the work that I can’t, won’t, or don’t want to do.

Your humble internet marketing newbie outsourcing disciple,

Yea and verily. Can I get an Amen?

p.s. I love how you’ve outsourced pretty much everything to us! :-)

Outsourcing Your Facebook Fan Page (update 1)

If you followed the previous two blog posts about how I’m outsourcing the creation of my Facebook fan page for this blog, you know how I’m looking for a person to do it, and that I’m busy trying to define just what I want it to look like and do.  (Looking)  (Defining)

Thought I’d give you a quick update on the looking part… 

From the Google search I’ve been in contact with Angela at Independant Projects. She gave me basic quotes without knowing the specifics of what I need yet. (Facebook Page Creation: $75. Maintenance on FB pages: $50/month. Integrating Twitter or LinkedIn is an additional $25/each)

I haven’t posted my outsourcing project proposal on Freelancer yet.

And about the Ezine article I found…I was already an affiliate of the guy who wrote it! (Easy As 123!)

The social media search using Tweets and FB post didn’t get much response, except a suggestion to find a FB fan page I liked and ask the owner who made it for them!

Adam Taha responded to a message I left on his YouTube channel with some helpful info and general pricing quotes. He also gave me a link to one of his competitors! (which I haven’t checked out yet…)

So, DEFINING what I want in my Facebook fan page is still in progress! Got some very good suggestions from Mari Smith when I asked her on Facebook what she thought the minimum things you should include on a new fan page should be. Her response:

“Absolute minimum is a) pic/image b) info tab filled out c) about you section under the pic filled out. That’s it!!! Set the bar low for starters. Then, as you progress, import your blog feed using Networked Blogs. Add some photos, videos, links. Create an editorial guide for when you’ll post content and what type. Essentially, once you’re clear on the objective of your fan page, you’ll want to embrace five different strategies: Design > Content > Promotion > Engagement > Conversion.”

Are you beginning to see the importance of defining specifically what you want done before hiring an outsourcing person? Thought so…:-)

Stay tuned…the saga continues!