Outsourcing Newbie Quick Tip!

Attention internet marketing newbies on a budget!  Would you like to start outsourcing some of your internet marketing tasks REALLY cheap?

Just browsing some of my favorite blogs over a steaming cup of french roast this morning…and out popped this resource you’re gonna luv to hear about!  Sheila just wrote another highly useful article on her blog, and I “extracted’ this gem from it.  Thanks girl!

So I’m gonna go check out the site right now…be right back.

Ok, I’m back.  I can’t stop laughing after looking at the “silly stuff” category.  And my head is swimming with ideas…the potential on this site is astounding!

So by now you’re probably wondering just what in the hell am I talking about…?  Well, this time I’m not gonna spoon feed ya LOL.   You’re gonna have to really work to dig out this gem for yourself…;-)

But I will give you a hint in case you’re a little slow on the uptake…can you afford 5 bucks to outsource your first or next internet marketing task?

Gopher it! Sheila’s Blog Post

KAPOW!  Another excuse not to start outsourcing your internet marketing newbie business SHOT DOWN…:-)

Outsourcing Your Facebook Fan Page

In a previous post (Follow This Simple Outsourcing Project), I showed you how I started to look for someone to outsource the creation of my Facebook fan page for this blog. I’ve not found someone yet, but more on that later…

Let’s back up a tad here. What exactly am I gonna communicate to them that I want done when I do find them? Should I just say “Well, uh, like dude/dudette, I want you to create me a really killer fan page…” Whadda ya think, is that specific enough?

Uh, no. I’ve got to have a pretty good idea what a killer fan page would look like and what would need to be included to create it. As they say in the outsourcing world, the more specifically you communicate your needs to your hired worker, the better results you can expect!

Probably the best way to communicate what it might look like is to find somebody else’s I really like and just give that URL to my outsourcer. (and, as my friend Capn Rob Lee suggested, maybe find out who created their fan page!) As for the specifics for what a killer FB fan page should include, I recommend this blog: Social Media Examiner

Then just take the suggestions you’d like to have on your Facebook fan page from the appropriate posts on that blog, and give those specifics to your outsourced worker! Simple huh?

YOU can do it! Stay tuned…more to come on how this project is going for me.

What To Outsource For YOUR Internet Marketing Biz Model

The first question really is:  What internet marketing business model have you chosen to use?   Some say there are six big kahuna models:   Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Information Products, E-Commerce Store, Software, Professional Services.

Let’s say you’ve chosen the Blogging business model.  What kinds of things need to get done to be successful with it? Here’s the short list:

Market Research (the market you want to blog about)
Keyword Research (find the keywords and phrases that people are searching for in that market)
Blog Design (what do you want your blog to look like?)
Technical Setup (WordPress? Cloud-based, hosted, or shared server? Domain name, RSS feeds, lists, etc.)
Blog Post Writing (ie, Content!)
Graphic Design (within the blog posts–products, logos, etc.)
Pay Per Click Management (so you can drive traffic to your blog and people can buy stuff from your ads, affiliate links, etc.)
Social Media Management (you do have Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube profiles for this blog don’t you?)
SEO Backlink Building (The Secret to Top Search Engine Ranking!)
Comment Moderator (“policing” the comments–deleting, cleaning up, etc.)
Monitization Management (ie, setting up things that make money for the blog!)

ALL OF THOSE THINGS CAN BE EASILY OUTSOURCED!  So what does this leave for you to do?   Can you say Creative Director, Maestro, Symphony Conductor…:-)  Take a bow, Claudio!

Follow This Simple Outsourcing Project

Want a simple project to test out your new internet marketing newbie outsourcing skills? Follow along as I describe and show you how I outsource the creation of a Killer Facebook Fan Page for my new blog… Also, as you’re following along, for a side lesson in marketing…think about this as if you are a person that is in the business of “creating killer Facebook fan pages for internet marketers”!

The first thing I did was a Google search “outsourcing facebook fan page”. Here are three links I then clicked thru to: 1. Freelancer (note that this is one of the project type outsourcing sites) 2. Ezine Article (note that this is an Ezine Article by a person that runs an outsourcing business…marketing hint hint) 3. VA Blog (note that this is a blog post from an Independant Virtual Assistant!)

Next, I used my Hootsuite social media manager software to send out a tweet to all three of my Twitter profiles and my Facebook profile SIMULTANEOUSLY. Just a simple “looking to outsource the creation of a killer FB fan page for my new blog…suggestions?

Finally, I did a YouTube search “outsourcing facebook fan page”. Found this video: Killer Facebook Fan Page Series Part 1 So I “subscribed” and “friended” this video author on YouTube, and left a message for him asking if he knew of any good people to outsource this to.

Stay tuned…:-)

A Random Collage of Outsourcing Tidbits

MINDSET AND TAKING ACTION.   Beware of outsourcing firms.   Build Your Own Team of Outsourced Workers Where They All Individually Work Directly For You!  Many outsourcing firms are posing as individuals on sites like Elance and Rentacoder.  CURRENT FAVORITE IS THE PHILIPPINES.

RESUME Sites are better than freelancing sites like Elance.   Example Resume Site $250-500 Month for full time, quality work!  SNIFF OUT the Specialists on specialty online forums.   ASK FOR REFERRALS…good workers almost always know other good workers.  Test Them Out by giving them an open-ended task to see how they carry it out.   TEST their INITIATIVE  by asking them to do some RESEARCH and make RECOMMENDATIONS.

BE SPECIFIC WHEN COMMUNICATING YOUR NEEDS!  Use Screen Capturing software like CAMTASIA (pc) or SCREENFLOW (mac) to SHOW THEM what you need.   JING IS FREE! Use this Handy Secret Weapon:

You may become addicted to outsourcing and accumulate an army of outsourced workers…how will you (or better yet, your Outsourcing Project Manager!) handle the logistics? “ULTIMATE MONEY MAKING DELEGATION MACHINE”

March ON, intrepid Outsourcing Wizard in Training!!!