Project GIMNOA Continues

The suggestion in the acceleration program is to go through all the classroom videos once without trying to implement any of the actions yet. Another 5 hours time has been spent doing that, mostly during slow times at the J.O.B., but with one thought always in the back of the mind…can this be outsourced?

You should do the same no matter what you are learning or doing in internet marketing! Always be thinking can this be outsourced, should it be outsourced, and how can it be outsourced… I call that “priming the mindset”.

Just a thought: Whenever you see the word “free” in an offer, think immediately in terms of time investment! (my time is not free). :-)

Can you buy time? Yup. Should you? Well, is it cheaper than yours?

Oops, almost off on a tangent there.

So between the regular J.O.B. and summer vacation coming up, it appears there may be minimal progress on Project GIMNOA for the next 10 days. Two steps forward, one step back. Plateau’s. Frantic bursts of activity. All part of the game.

So there may not be a new post on this blog for a bit. Unless someone out there wants to be my guest blogger…;-)

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