Really Lazy? How About Outsourcing Your Outsourcing!

You know what?  Outsourcing your internet marketing tasks and projects can be a lot of work!  Not as much work as doing everything yourself, but still a pain in the rear…:-(

Once you get the hang of managing all your outsourcing tasks and projects, and the various people you have doing the work, you’ll start to come to a realization…

“Hey!  Even managing this outsourcing stuff is taking up a lot of my time, and it’s not really that fun…”  Time for another light bulb to come on!  What if I could outsource the management of all of my outsourcing?

Ok, so maybe this isn’t an internet marketing “newbie” suggestion.  Or COULD it be?  Think about it…what if the first thing you outsourced as a newbie was to hire a full time outsourcing project manager (OPM)?  Say, some smart cookie in the Philippines you could hire for oh, maybe $400/month and TRAIN them to be your OPM!

That oughta get your wheels spinning LOL.  I like the baseball analogy.  Who makes all the money in professional baseball?  No, contrary to many’s belief–NOT the players!  And of course, not managers.  You know it’s really the OWNERS!

So just think of yourself as the owner, the manager is your OPM, and the players are all the outsourcing resources your OPM gets to manage for you!

Outsourcing the outsourcing.  I luv it.  Hey, that hammock over there is looking kinda lonely…;-)

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