Unusual Outsourcing Ideas

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of outsourcing your internet marketing business?   Paying someone to do something for you, right?  Immediately your mind darts down that rabbit hole of resistance…I can’t afford that and yada yada yada!

Well, today’s post is gonna tweak your mind in a little bit different direction.   Let’s explore the idea of getting people to do stuff for us…without having to pay them!   Sound good?   Let’s roll…

How did Tom Sawyer get other people to whitewash the fence for him?   Well, he had to somehow convince them that there was some sort of benefit in it for them to do so…right?

Can you think of any of your internet marketing tasks that someone would be glad to do for you for free?   Here’s a hint question:  Are you the only person who’s written posts on your own blog?  Here’s a resource I recently found where you can find people who’d love to help you out for free!  BloggerLinkUp

Another quick example I used recently:  How do I come up with really good questions to ask for my interviews of successful internet marketers?   How about using your Social Media presence and blog to ask your peeps what questions THEY would like answered!   Ok, so that’s a minor example, right?   But it does serve the dual purpose of getting your followers and readers involved…:-)

Enough of that.   I think you get the idea.   Money isn’t always the motivator to get people to do stuff.

Now, it’s your turn.   What other ways can you think of to get people to do some of your internet marketing tasks without having to pay them dinero?

And while we’re at it…what question would you like me to ask the next famous internet marketer I interview about their outsourcing adventures?

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