Welcome New Members!

Just wanted to shout out a hearty welcome to all the new people who landed on this blog as a result of taking action and advantage of the “Money From Anywhere” book launch and generous free bonuses offered with it! I noticed you’ve “tuned into” the potential benefits of outsourcing…:-)

You may or may not be a “new online marketer”, but I’m guessing that most of you haven’t done much outsourcing in your business yet. If you have, I’d like to chat with you so please leave a comment below with your contact details.

And for those of you who haven’t started outsourcing any parts of your online marketing business yet, congratulations you’re in the right place! It’s my mission to help get you started the right way, and share many of my own outsourcing experiences with you. (not to mention the experiences of some pretty experienced online marketers…for example, my interview with Bill Hibbler)

Enjoy the ride, it’s gonna be a wild 2011!

Mtn Jim

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