When And What To Start Outsourcing

Now.  Immediately.  Would you spend $50 to buy back 10-20 hours of your time each month?  Nuff said on when to start outsourcing!

One of the first things you should start outsourcing is content, especially if you’re into information marketing.  Pay somebody to write those articles and blog posts.

Worried that the quality won’t be as good as you could do?  Don’t.  At first, it probably won’t be.  But once your outsourced worker gets used to the way you want things done, they’ll eventually probably do it better than you if you stick with them!

The Philippines seems to be the place to go for cheap, good quality content these days.  And they speak very good English!

Just be sure you do two things when hiring someone…

1.  Be very clear about what you want.  “Write me 100 articles.” won’t cut it.  “Write me 100 articles that are 350-500 words each, with these keywords, in TXT document, with this formatting…” is much better.

2.  Make sure you use some way to check on and give feedback to your outsourced peeps on their work.  It’s too easy to get lazy and blow it off, and you may end up with paid for content that’s not up to standards!

More on how to do #2 above in another post…

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